Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cause this is Africa!

27 January 2012

Best night ever! Oh my stars (which are absolutely unbelievably gorgeous here), tonight was incredible. ISOS, the organization on campus that takes care of international students, treated all of us to an extravagant night out at the Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. Moyo, a restaurant that serves only the most decadent South African foods, was set up buffet style with every kind of meat you could ever imagine eating. One of Sierra’s to-do list items for me while I’m down here was to try something so ethnic she would throw up if she ate it, and after I tried ox tail, she said I succeeded. CHECK!

Not only was the food incredible and the wine perfect, but the restaurant itself was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It is filled with trees covered in lanterns with stages surrounding the outskirts of where you eat. 

 Different bands came to play throughout the night, all playing drums and singing the most beautiful Afrikaans songs. Naturally, my friends and I made it up to the stage to dance with them.

Since my pictures don’t do this place justice, here’s the website if you’re interested in seeing it:

Every day here is a new adventure and I feel like it only keeps getting better. Tomorrow is Cape Town – we’ll see what lies ahead there!! 

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