Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hakuna Matata!

24 January 2012

No time for jet lag; orientation was waiting for us bright and early on Tuesday morning. Hestea is phenomenal. She loves Americans, which is a rare trait for people who aren’t American, and she adores her job. I love her already.

After a light lunch (chicken wrap with sauce on it I actually LIKED…. what?! I love South Africa), we got to go grocery shopping at the Pick N’ Pay. I love this place, too. Here I also made my first purchase of alcohol. White wine has never tasted as lovely as those first legal sips!

That night we went out to Bohemia, a chill bar where Janien said you always go first. Tried a local beer where before 9 PM you can buy 2 for 16 rand, which is just 2 dollars! Oh yeah, speaking of that, I’ve gotten really good at math after having been here just 3 days. But I’m still probably going to invest in a calculator. 

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