Wednesday, February 29, 2012


27 February

Not only is today my beautiful sister’s birthday, it’s also the birthday of two of my wonderful new friends! Happy happy birthday Brynn, Annie, and Brooke!

Buckle up your seatbelts, kids. This story is absurd:
After LSCE today, Annie, Sam and I were walking home from the train station when we were craving some iced coffee. We stopped to indulge and Annie was still wearing her birthday crown, licking an ice cream cone. We hear in an unfamiliar accent, “Happy Birthday Annie.” Suddenly, we’re surrounded by the Argentinian rugby team who just happened to arrive in Stellenbosch today. Casual. They proceeded to “party-boy” her (for all who don’t know this term, refer to video below).

Then one decides that’s just not enough of a birthday present. So he puts on a little show…okay let’s be real. He stripped. Right on the street. At 3 PM.  Because I don’t know the complete demographic of my readership, I will refrain from posting that video here. And oh, it doesn’t end there, my friends. After the stripping boy put his clothes back on, he asked for a birthday kiss. Annie politely provided her cheek, to which the boy thought unacceptable. So he went in for the full-on lip-lock. At this point, I’m pretty much peeing my pants, crying, dying, from laughing so hard.

Maybe I spoke too soon about the culture shock?

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