Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Call It A Lesson Learned

4 February 2012

This past week has been less organized orientation and more learning about this gorgeous city on our own. I’ve been here for almost two weeks and it already feels like home.
                                                                          Strand Beach

Some things I’ve learned about South Africa and the beautiful people who live here:

-       It is perfectly acceptable to go barefoot everywhere. Class, restaurants, grocery stores, etc...I was so excited to partake in this cultural norm, because I’ve always believed shoes are prisons for your feet. Most locals, however, are smart enough to only take advantage of this in the evening when the sun isn’t blazing hot on the sidewalks. I learned this lesson the hard way.
-       Graphic tee’s are SO in. Especially ones with the Superman logo.
-       So are mullets. Never went out of style here.
-       Coke Light > Diet Coke
-       They really do listen to “Paradise” and “Waka Waka” 50 times a day.
-       The sun really is brutal here. Even when its cloudy and cold, you need to put on lots of strong sunscreen and not fall asleep in the same position for 2 hours.
-       The quality of South African service depends on the mood of your server/bartender. If they don’t feel like making you something, they won’t. “No, I don’t feel like making cocktails tonight.” “No, we’re not cooking pizzas anymore.” “No, you can’t have a lemonade. Try our homemade tea.” This actually happens all the time.

Some things I’ve learned about my wonderful roommate Ginny that proves we are MFEO:

-       She calls cute things “nuggets” and her freshmen “babies.”
-       She is obsessed with Diet Coke.
-       She speaks in weird voices.
-       She is a theatre minor.
-       She doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Made me think of Kelly back home <3
-       Because we don’t have a table and chairs, she doesn’t mind sitting on the floor with me to eat our meals. 

So much learning and classes haven't even started yet! 


  1. Corinne! your surroundings are so beautiful! and i love your writing, you write the way you speak, so i can her you say this when i am reading it haha