Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is it worth it? Let me work it.

20 February 2012

26 AIFS Americans, 3 local Stellies students, and 1 Mama Hestea trekked to the Cederberg Mountains this weekend. It was such a wonderful experience! Georgio, a designated AIFS excursion driver, picked up the LSCE students from Lynedoch and took us to the campsite. When I say campsite, I mean the beautiful house with exquisite beds in which we stayed. It was a weekend filled with incredible hiking, river games, shooting stars, baboon attacks, beautiful Sam’s 21st birthday, and the most delicious dinners I’ve ever had. 

The view from right at the beginning of our hike up to the Wolfberg Cracks
This Buddha pose is for my brother:
 After a couple hours of hiking, climbing, getting lost, and eventually 
just bushwhacking the rest of the way, we ended up here. 
 San Bushman Tribe rock art, up to ~8,000 years old! So cool to have learned about this in 
class back home, then to come to SA and see it for myself. Love love love. 

 From inside what Mama H calls "the Rave Cave." She told us, "I just know they had dance parties in here. I just know it." So we proceeded to have one of our own in this very cave!
This perfect weekend was made possible by my lovely Aunt Barbie….THANK YOU AUNT BARBIE! I love you! I’m still working on that honey badger picture…it will happen if it’s the last thing I do. 

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