Monday, May 21, 2012

Bunny Bunny, Toki Toki!

Among 25,000 Stellenbosch students, I’m confident that Ginny and I found the most amazingly absurd group of people to hang out with. Ad-Lib, I love you.

We get together every week to become the gods of Korea, go back in time, morph into animals, and solve mysterious murders. We’ve spent the semester making something out of nothing, trying to make others laugh in the process. Whether we’re at practice, the beach, or a bar, it is impossible to be around them with your guard up. Ad-Lib has become such an important part of my experience abroad…I know they will be the hardest part of saying goodbye to Stellenbosch.

So I want to say thanks. Thank you, beautiful Ad-Libbers, for welcoming us into your weird little world for the semester. You have done more than just let us join your club; you have become some of my closest friends. I truly appreciate how you weren’t afraid to really get to know me and Ginny, even though we are only here for a short time.  It would have been easy to see us at practice, invite us to the workshop, and then forget about us come next semester. But you guys made my experience here the best it could possibly have been, and I have no doubt our friendship will go the distance (literally, when we all visit each other). You are so talented and beautiful and I have loved every second of this adventure. I will miss you all terribly...

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